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The First Day of School 2015

The First Day of School 2015 Today marked the first day of first grade for Mackenzie, the first day of fifth grade for …

→ May 18, 2012

My submission to (Post-game ritual following every game congratulating the other team on a game well played).

→ June 8, 2010

This would have been really cool when I was younger, although the kids would probably like one today… rocketboom: Star Wars Return …

→ March 17, 2010

tumblr_kzer0wKkPB1qz7lrf Nathaniel and Zachary tell their own bedtime story.

The Mind of a 4 Year Old

Dad: Zachary, what are you doing?
Zachary: (While twirling round and round) I’m trying to drill a hole.